LAWPARTNERS Attorneys at law – your corporate law office in the Weinviertel region provides legal services at the highest level

LAWPARTNERS is specialized in the following fields of activity:

Business. Reliable partner for your company.

The consultancy and representation of companies requires extensive knowledge in order to determine the tactically right legal approach to complex situations. In order to ensure that this competency is at all times reliably at the disposal of our clients, our employees participate on a regular basis in up-to-date legal seminars. Also, we ourselves actively lecture on legal topics.

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Corporate reorganization. In best hands.

Our experience and commitment as on a regular basis court-appointed insolvency administrator, reorganization administrator and bankruptcy administrator is to the benefit of our clients if the controlled reorganization of a financially distressed company shall be achieved, or if the insolvency of the client’s company shall be seen through or if collectibles shall be precautionarily secured or enforced in an insolvency proceeding of the debtor.

LAWPARTNERS Attorneys at law. Your corporate law office in the Weinviertel region.

Real Estate. Well advised.

Our experience counts when it comes to implementing a real estate project with a real estate promotor, justifying condominium, upgrading the attic or purchasing a property to sell it as a building plot. The handling of our real estate projects is quality-assured with steps defined ex ante for a fixed fee, which our clients are getting to know beforehand in writing.

Contracts. Experienced negotiators.

When drawing up contracts we aim at putting through our client’s interests within the legal framework. The focus of our activity when drawing up contracts is on the one hand on contracts for real estate, i.e., purchase contracts for real estate, houses or apartments, and on the other hand on contracts concerning companies, i.e., contracts which deal with the foundation, transfer, merger or restructuring of companies.

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Court. Strategy for justice.

Law suits are one way to enforce the interests of our clients; thereby it is demanded to carefully balance the chances, risks and costs involved.

Business Mediation.

Mediation applies where the parties involved are willing to implement their interests without the support of a court, whereby this aim cannot realistically be expected by choosing a more simple way. The involvement of a mediator helps avoid disturbances on the way to achieve a compromise. Thereby a lasting amicable solution for all parties involved shall be achieved.

Gänserndorf Office

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Strassergasse 1/DG
Phone : (+43 2282) 60802

Korneuburg Office

A-2100 Korneuburg
Bisamberger Straße 1 (Corner Hauptplatz 14)
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